Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day around Kandy

Friday, January 27th

Woke up fairly early to get a start to our day. We managed to flag a tuk tuk on our way down the hill because construction was going on at the site (obviously, the owner must have been nuts asking us to walk through it!) The driver was nice enough not to charge us because we were going to the hotel. After breakfast we walked down the hill to The Orchard Guest House to see of they had a room for the night. Lennie (older retired gentleman, probably in his 70s) and the girls were so sweet and accommodating! We set up a time to come back to check in and drop our bags. He did mention he gets quite alot of traffic that leaves the hotel to come stay with him because they're unsatisfied, thought that was interesting! Happy with our decision we took a tuk tuk into town and wandered around a bit. They have bakeries EVERYWHERE and have the best cookies and sweet breads! Headed back up the hill to check out of Kandy View Hotel before noon. The owner was nice enough to drive us up the hill to the 'bungalow' and back down to the Devon Hotel (where we told him we were staying, he didn't seem happy about it and asked us why we weren't staying with him another night. REALLY?!?). Checked our bags into The Orchard and chatted with Lennie about things to do and see in Kandy. He recommended the Culture Show that evening and helped us plan our next day adventure!

Had lunch at the Devon Restaurant with all the vendors from the EdCon next door (Sri Lankan Education Expo 2012). The restaurant had a great variety of fresh fruit juices and we had to try the pineapple and passionfruit, so good! The real deal for about 70 rupees (less than a dollar).

Afterwards we continued walking around and had planned to go to the Temple of Tooth (i thought everyone was saying truth, but no, it's really tooth. As in there is the lord buddhist's tooth there). They wanted 1,000 rupees to get in (about $10)! Decided that tooth was not worth $10 and crossed the street to the beautiful Kandy Hotel for Lion Lager instead. At 5pm we wandered around the lake to the cultural center to see Dances of Sri Lanka held by the Kandyan Art Association. Tons of tourist flocked but we were very lucky to sit in the front row for the show. Dances included Blowing of the Conch Shell, Pooja Dance, Panteru Natum, Cobra Dance, Mask Dance, Mayura Wannama, Raban Dance, Ves Dance, national anthem, Fire Dance and Fire Walking. The costumes were very colorful and the dancers were great! The men with the fire were really into it, even licking the flame several times! Very impressive! Had a nice walk to The Garden Cafe for chicken develled with noodles for 220 rupees each ($2) and headed back to The Orchard to relax and catch up with email (yay wifi!). The night had a great ending  with HOT showers (yay hot water!!) and early bed.

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